Ice hockey dasher boards

Vepe dasher boards are manufactured in our factory in Finland, hand made from the best materials and each element is accurate in its measures.    
Our quality control guarantees that our product is easy to install and the need for maintenance and repairing is minimal.    
Both planning and manufacturing is made in our own factory which makes controlling of every phase easy and helps to keep even quality.   
Our factory was established in 1934 and we are a trusted manufacturer of ice hockey dasher boards, using raw materials only from trusteed    
European deliverers, which also maintains the quality even. We have delivered more than 1800 ice hockey dasher board systems in Europe,    
Russia and China.   
World Championship games as well as World Cup games have taken place in Vepe ice hockey boards. The World Championship games in     
Stockholm Sweden were played in Vepe Safe Board in 2012 and 2013. Our high standard board system meets the requirement of    
the International Ice Hockey Association.   
We have also taken the environment into account in our production and choise of materials.

Zeta Flexi Board

Beta Flexi Board

Vepe Epsilon