Multicourt T04300

The frame of T04300 is made of hot dip galvanized steel that is powder coated to the chosen RAL colour. We regard hot dip galvanization the best choice for Multicourt frame when looking for durability and easy maintenance.

The end goals and all elements have a strong SRT HS 8/6/8mm (3 thread) welded filling, giving Multicourt extra durability, lightness and finished outlook.

End goals of 2x3m have in addition basketball goals/rings, where you can choose of 2 different playing heights.

The lower part (h=500 mm) of T04300 element is covered with durable 10mm HDPE sheet. Standard colors: white, dark grey, dark green.

Vepe Multicourts are always equipped with 2 player gates and a service gate to make the entrance and exit as easy and safe as possible, both for players and for maintenance.