Safety posts

Goal: zero accidents - fall protection is number one!

Nearly all falling accidents in building sites could have been prevented with fall protection planning and proper safety equipment. Vepe has made a safety manual just for you so that you know what protection measures to take. Vepe does continuous development on its safety posts according to the needs of constructors.

Safety manual gives instructions

Vepe safety manual has been made to help to plan a safe working environment. You will find both old and new safety post models with installation instructions in it. We can provide you with spare parts also to older safety post models.

Vepe safety manual

Lifeline system

Safety post for vault edge

Surface mounted safety post

Safety post for shell element

Sleeve mounted safety post

Safety steel net element

Safety post for roof edge

Adjustable safety post for roof edge

Safety post for pitched roof

Safety post for mono pitch roof

Sandwich element safety post system

Flat surface safety post

Insert basis for form beam

Balcony rail extension