Vepe delivers Vepe NextGen 360° LED ice hockey dasher boards to Kivikylä Arena, Rauma!

The Finnish Hockey League club Rauman Lukko announced that they are modernizing and digitalizing their home stage Kivikylä Arena. As part of the digitalization project Vepe delivers Vepe NextGen 360° LED ice hockey dasher boards to the existing arena. These dasher boards cover the whole rink and give new opportunities and possibilities to improve the audience experience.

Kivikylä Arena is going to be the second stage in the world to get the 360° LED dasher boards. Vepe engineered and delivered the first ever LED dasher boards to the new Nokia Arena last year. However, this is the first ever 360° LED dasher boards installed to the existing arena.

About Vepe
Vepe is one of the world’s leading ice hockey dasher board manufacturers. Vepe has produced more than 2000 ice hockey boards to 26 countries since 1976. Many of the IIHF World Championship games have been played with Vepe boards not to mention that Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics ice hockey tournament is also played with Vepe Beta dasher boards. Vepe has put also great effort to improve the player safety and the company manufactured the first ever flexible dasher board system back in 2011. Vepe is known as the most innovative company in the field and the only one to manufacture 360° LED dasher boards.